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Room Games

Post by Yanner on Wed May 20, 2015 4:31 pm

How do I play The Shade Game?
Generally, everyone willing to play cams up in the room.
You send a PM to ANYONE playing to read aloud about someone else.
The person you're shading gets 2 tries to guess who's shading them.
There is no winner, but its a fun way to get shade out without anyone getting butt hurt.

 How do I play The Hotness?

We choose 1 person to be "The Hotness" and one person to me "The Host".
To begin, The Host sends a number to each person playing, in PM.
When ready to begin, The Hotness asks a general question in the room.
Example Where would you take me on our first date?
Each person playing then sends their answer to The Host and they'll read each answer aloud to The Hotness.
The Hotness will then choose the worst answer out of all the responses and that person is eliminated. When it comes down to 3 people left, The Hotness will choose the best of the 3 answers, and that person is declared the winner.

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